Business Development

In the current market, no business can afford to rest on its laurels. We all need to be constantly striving to give the best performance that we can to get the best result that we can. Business development enables us to get inside of your business and to review your goals and assist you in achieving them, be they financial, personal or commercial

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Business Start Up

It is important to make sure that your business is in the correct vehicle from the very beginning. There are many considerations that need to be made as part of that decision, not least of which is the ever changing world of tax and what your future market will expect of you.

Business development enables you to plan for the long term in the right commercial vehicle for your circumstances, to get it right from the start.

For new start ups we also offer a fixed fee monthly retainer which means that you can call on our knowledge without worrying about the cost.


Exiting a Business

Right along side the start of a business, is your plans for your future exit. Will you sell, hand over, or close your business. Each needs careful planning to make sure that you can maximise your business’s worth.

Planning ahead of time can save you tax which depending on the size of your business can amount to a decent chunk of your retirement pot.

The Life Cycle of your Business

During the life of your business you will encounter various challenges. Businesses can be affected by all sorts of external and internal influences. As your business needs change, are you able to change with them?

Business development enables you to move with the times, to adapt when you need to, to plan for the future and to maximise your earning potential.

We can help you to keep your business strong with regular meetings and reviews.