Most business entities will need payroll services either for their owners or their employees. Strictly regulated by HM Revenue & Customs, your payroll needs to be run efficiently and compliantly. We can ensure that this happens.

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The current HM Revenue & Customs regulations for payroll, specify that pay runs must be submitted electronically under real time information within specific reporting deadlines. Our payroll bureau can ensure that this process occurs smoothly and efficiently.

Auto Enrollment

Over the next few years all employers will be expected to provide for pensions under auto enrollment regulations. For further advice on setting up your auto enrollment, please see our list of preferred suppliers.

Once you have auto enrolled, our payroll bureau can manage your statutory requirements for you.

Payroll Services

For the day to day, week to week or month to month payroll services you need, we can provide you with:

Advice on the best payroll plan for you and your staff (weekly, monthly or annual)

Calculate deductions and pay, providing you with clear information on what to pay and when

Provide you with payslips

Mange your submissions to HM Revenue & Customs and your pension provider